Here are testimonials from some of my clients:


dsc02182Our 12-year old Boxer-Pitbull mix has faced many medical challenges in his life.  He recovered from abdominal surgery from eating a piece of blanket, and in later years, had meniscus surgeries on both rear legs.  Slim has “hardware” in both rear legs, and last summer, injured his left rear leg while chasing a squirrel (he is young at heart, and old in body!).  To compensate, he put too much pressure on his already arthritic elbows, causing them to swell to the point that he was lame.  We fearfully took him to our vet, hoping that he would not have to be euthanized.  With MAJOR pain medication and MAJOR activity restriction, he gained back some mobility.  In order to try and improve his quality of life, I called Dr. Darcy Hoyt to begin weekly acupuncture treatments on 8/30/12.  The results were remarkable in both Slim’s mobility and attitude towards life!  He is now receiving acupuncture every two weeks.  Darcy is so knowledgeable, gentle and kind, that Slim loves having treatment.  I have to block our other two dogs from the living room during his treatment because they are so jealous.
Slim would be entirely too nervous to benefit from acupuncture at a vet clinic, so Darcy’s home visits make the experience positive and beneficial for Slim.

-Barbara C. of Portland


When I began to write a review for Dr Hoyt, I honestly was not sure how I could fit all of the wonderful things I wanted to say in a neat paragraph.  When I presented this quandary to my husband, he simply said, “Without Darcy we would not have had Sissy (our golden retriever) with us for so long.”

Dr. Hoyt not only prolonged Sis’s life, she gave her the gift of quality of life.
At 14, Sis injured her back, resulting in her suffering severe pain and taking away her favorite activity, walking.  Due to her age, medications were not an option. Our also wonderful dog walker Robin, suggested acupuncture, which brought us to Dr. Hoyt.

Dr. Hoyt is kind, gentle, knowledgeable and skilled.  As an added plus, she is mobile. Being a working “puppy parent”, it would have been challenging to get Sis to her treatments. Having Dr. Hoyt come to our home was convenient and gave much calm and comfort to Sis.
We lost our beloved Sis last July at the age of 15, due to kidney failure. Dr. Hoyt was of great support and guidance to me during this very difficult and confusing transition. It is always so hard to know when to say good by to the beautiful beings who have been so much a part of our lives.

Because of Dr. Hoyt’s treatments,  Little Sis was able to spend her last hour doing what gave her the most joy, going on a slow but lovely walk on a beautiful summer day.

– Mara W. of Portland


Dr Hoyt came to our home the first time just as we were moving into it because my elderly dog was highly stressed from all the commotion connected with moving out of and into a house.  She also had had severe arthritic pain for several months before this move.  in just that first visit, Bella relaxed and even fell asleep!  This happened in a corner of a room while movers were all around, including a TV technician making noises directly behind the wall where she reclined.  It brought tears to my eyes to see her pain free and at peace. For the next 11 months, Dr Hoyt came to our home every three weeks or so to give Bella acupuncture treatments lasting approximately 45 minutes.  She had cautioned us that with dogs Bella’s age (14?) arthritic pain relief would inevitably decline.  For several months, Bella was a younger dog again and we all enjoyed walks together a couple times a day. It changed all our lives. Finally, with more muscle and weight loss, Bella found the treatments too invasive. too uncomfortable; so we stopped them.  She died less than a month later of euthanasia following a stroke and seizures.  We now have Clara, age 9, and when she has arthritic or other symptoms similar to Bella’s, we will call Dr Hoyt again.

– Julie C. of Happy Valley


I had thought about acupuncture for my cat for many years for her arthritis, but four years ago, when she developed kidney failure, I decided to try it. We first went to the acupuncturist who was part of our veterinary practice, but the trips to the clinic were much too stressful for my girl. The veterinary acupuncturist recommended Dr. Darcy Hoyt as someone who does home visits. Dr. Hoyt has been coming to our home, once a month, for four years now. While cats are not always amenable to acupuncture, S did great with it, and I’m sure it was a combination of being treated at home and the kind, compassionate, and skilled approach of Dr. Hoyt.

Treatments would focus on a range of issues, whether it was supporting kidney health or appetite stimulation, or general discomfort. She always took her time and provided the best possible care. And also suggested other integrated medicine approaches such as herbs and such.

When S was first diagnosed, of course I was devastated, even with assurances from our regular vet that cats can live for a year or two after diagnoses. As I said, we are now going on four years and while she has slowed down, she is still a happy cat who appears to enjoy life. I am convinced that Dr. Hoyt’s ministrations have contributed to her longevity and the quality of her life.

– Miriam V. of Portland


Dr Darcy Hoyt has been an amazing veterinarian to my pets for many years. Previously, we saw her at a clinic in SE ptld as our primary vet – I’ve always appreciated her compassion toward both animals and owners, and her knowledge of both conventional and holistic remedies.

After being away from Portland for 3 years, I was relieved to find that Darcy was still available for acupuncture house calls for my elderly pet. Acupuncture without a doubt extended the comfort and mobility in my elderly pets lives.

Dr Hoyt is easy to contact via email, always has replied promptly, and has been available to answer my questions even when we aren’t scheduling an appointment. Also, she has been on time and always respectful of my home.  Her husband is also a vet & is available at Lombard Animal Clinic. Both have amazing compassion & knowledge, big hearts, and have truly gone above and beyond for me & my pets.

 – Alissa K. of Portland


When my active, hilarious cat was diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis, I was shocked…and even more shocked that the traditional vet said there was little to be done for her other than a lifetime of harmful painkillers, or extremely expensive orthopedic surgery that probably wouldn’t even work. I refused to accept that answer, and found Darcy Hoyt after doing research about acupuncture and inflammation/pain in animals. The first time Darcy saw her, my cat was unable to walk more than a few steps without holding her leg up in pain. After the first treatment, the cat slept for twelve hours and then got up and walked without limping. After two more treatments, we decided maybe she didn’t need any further acupuncture, since we couldn’t hold her down long enough to administer the treatment. She is running around like a lunatic, apparently in no pain at all. Darcy also prescribed the miraculous neutraceutical Adequan for her, and instructed me in its use.

My other cat has a chronic autoimmune skin disorder, for which the traditional vet prescribed steroids that made her continually nauseated and also made her susceptible to severe bladder infections. Again, I’d been told there was no other option for her. I decided to let Darcy take a crack at that. When I canceled the appointment with the dermatology vet and told them I’d decided to try Chinese herbs instead, their response was,”Oh, right. We’ve seen it all. You’ll be back.” Somehow, I don’t think I will be back. After a week of Darcy’s herbs, the cat’s skin condition virtually disappeared. She needs occasional “tune-ups,” but it’s at 1.5 on a scale of 1-10, as opposed to being at 10 when she started the alternative treatment with Darcy.

I would recommend Darcy without hesitation to any pet owner. She’s not a vet; she’s a healer. Her breadth of knowledge is amazing, and also, pets just plain like her. She has that “animal whisperer” thing going on.

– Joan R. of Portland


Dr. Darcy Hoyt has been treating my cat, Cardinal, for over a year since he was diagnosed with mega colon and kidney inefficiencies. I have been very impressed with her knowledge, skill, professionalism and friendliness. She is also patient and gentle with my kitty, and is willing to work with me on scheduling. My cat is paranoid about going to the vet, so her house calls are a God-send. I feel fortunate to have her on my team in taking care of my Cardinal. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

– Elaine T. of Portland


I can’t, like some of the other clients, say that Ginger runs up to greet Dr. Hoyt at the door… (more like under the bed or behind the sofa). But she has such a great, soothing way about her that my kittie pretty much settles right in once we have snagged her and stays there for all of her treatment. My cat does not have anything “common” going on with her – two excellent vets and a veterinary neurologist have been stumped by her. She just got up one morning and was extremely wobbly. At this point, almost a year in, the best guess is that she had a stroke with an atypical presentation.

This being the case, it has also not been not too easy to establish exactly the effect that acupuncture is having on her. I do believe, though, that it is helping. And I am glad to know that I can do something for her that is not toxic or invasive. I am really happy to have found Dr. Hoyt – she came with excellent recommendations from some of the biggest animal people I know. Worth her weight in gold.

-Justine J. of Portland


Our Akita mix, Gustine, was a little over 16 when Dr. Hoyt began working with her.  Gus was very arthritic and had some spinal involvement as well.  When she was no longer able to walk independently, we decided to add acupuncture treatments to the water therapy and medication Gus had been receiving for the last two years.  I was reluctant to transport Gus to yet another facility on a regular basis, and unfortunately we discovered Dr. Hoyt’s in-home practice very late in Gus’s treatment.  While there were no miracles, I’m convinced that Gus was much more comfortable and relaxed during her last 3 months because of her sessions with Dr. Hoyt.  Dr. Hoyt is very professional and knowledgeable, and has had a lot of experience with a variety of animals/ailments.  She also knows the veterinary community in the Portland area and was able to provide recommendations/referrals to other animal-related services for another of my pet companions.  I highly recommend Dr. Hoyt–I only wish we’d found her sooner.

– Ashley T. of Portland


My dog, Sam, was 14 when he met Dr. Hoyt.  He had TPLO surgery when he was just 2 years old and developed arthritis in his legs and hips very young.  Acupuncture kept Mr. Sam walking and gave him quality of life even in his older years.  He always smiled when Dr. Hoyt came to the house to see him and you could see the relief in his face during treatment–it was as though Sam knew he was going to feel amazing, that he was in good hands.  Thank you so much for the care and love you provided to Sam!

– Melisse K. of Portland


Darcy arrived promptly and did a very thorough examination of my dog. She also explained what could realistically be expected. Then, she went to work. She worked slowly and made sure my dog was comfortable as progressed. I was really impressed. My dog responded well to the treatment. And, I really think it helps to work on the dog in his own home.

– Kenneth G. of Portland


Dr. Darcy Hoyt is a vet, with specialized training in acupuncture. She makes monthly in-home visits to treat my dog (9 years old) who has problems with stiffness in her back. It’s worth every penny. The dog returns to her younger (more active) self after each appointment.

– Sarah S. of West Linn


Dr Hoyt has been wonderful in treating my dog Dakota who has degenerative disc disease in his lower back, hip and knee injuries and helped with his anxiety and diet issues! Dakota is healing and able to enjoy returning to being a happy healthy dog ! We count our lucky stars for all Dr Hoyt does for Dakota and I highly recommend her plus she makes house calls and is always helpful in guiding me with Dakota’s health issues and his well being!!!

– Michael P. of Portland


Once again, Dr. Darcy Hoyt helped us to gain time with an elderly dog with her skillful acupuncture.  Cody was a 95-pound Belgian shepherd mix that we adopted almost seven years ago from the Oregon Humane Society when he was 7 1/2 years old.  Our gentile giant herniated a disc and had to undergo spinal surgery two and a half years ago at age 11!  He resumed a nearly normal life for two years, and then developed arthritis in his front legs.  Dr. Hoyt made weekly visits.  She was able to tell us where Cody’s back muscles were sore and needed massaging, and while he enjoyed a kong with frozen treats, Dr. Hoyt inserted the acupuncture needles.   Following his treatments, Cody was so relaxed all evening.  We feel that the treatments prolonged Cody’s life, and gave us more quality time with him.  Sadly, his back legs weakened to the point that he was unable to stand, and we had him peacefully liberated at home to run beside his buddy, Slim in the Big Sky.   Dr. Hoyt’s compassion, knowledge and skills are incredible.

– Barbara C. of Portland


I have a 13+ year old lab/shepard/great dane, Lucky who has been suffering from arthritis in his hind area. I had tried laser treatment at the vet, but with his large size (130 pounds) I found it more challenging to get him in and out of the car and to the vet than it seemed to be worth. A friend recommended acupuncture and I was ecstatic to find Dr. Hoyt.

It has been great to have her come directly to the house and after only a few treatments we have seen a bit of difference. He seems to get up and down the stairs a little easier and we have been taking short walks as well which he really enjoys. Dr. Hoyt has been wonderful and I would definitely recommend her for anyone wanting the best for their elderly or injured dog. We look forward to more treatments and continual improvements.

– Ronnie C. of Portland


Dr. Hoyt started seeing my senior labrador Loon in summer 2011.  Loon is over 16 now, and has lost a lot of strength in her hind end, making her trip, stoop and not get up and down as easily.  Having gone through similar symptoms with another dog that has since passed, I decided to give Loon a different treatment with acupuncture (acupuncture was also recommended by her regular vet).  I’ve noticed significant changes with Loon’s activity level and even her general attitude– she seems like a happier dog after treatments.  Dr. Hoyt also makes it easier for Loon by coming to my house.  As any elderly dog parent knows, sometimes loading your senior pet into the car and taking them to a loud office can be stressful.  It’s nice to be able to have Dr. Hoyt come to my home, in an environment that Loon is already comfortable.  I’d highly recommend Dr. Hoyt for your elderly pet and their senior care/treatments.

– Dana T. of Portland

“Our elderly cat Moodle was diagnosed with stage two kidney failure in early 2020 and we were devastated. After reading through dozens of websites and listening to veterinary advice both from our vet and veterinary podcasts, we decided to give acupuncture a try. It was something we had never even considered before, especially considering it had not helped my personal health problems in the past, but we knew we’d try anything to help our cat.

After looking through several vets offering acupuncture in the Portland area, including others that offer house calls, we settled on Dr. Hoyt. Reading her incredible reviews, including testimonials about Dr. Hoyt helping another family in our exact same circumstances, made us feel very secure in our choice. She was immediately responsive and, though her schedule was filling up, she was willing to fit us in.

From the start, working with Dr. Hoyt has been an incredible experience. Not only has she been amazing with our cat (who is one of those cats with a red sticker on her vet folder, if you know what I mean) and very understanding with Moodle’s stubbornness and attitude, she’s been a delight to chat with during her visits as well. We also learned that she has an elderly cat of her own with kidney failure that has been doing very well for years now thanks to her care and acupuncture, and you can imagine how hopeful that made us. With all of this happening during the Covid-19 pandemic, I’d be remiss to leave out that she has also been incredibly safety-conscious, which is a huge plus when you suddenly have plans to let a stranger into your home during quarantine!

Over the past months we’ve seen a remarkable change in Moodle’s attitude and energy levels. At the start she had become morose and sedentary, which had led to growing arthritis concerns in her back legs. She had stopped jumping up to our bed and climbing her cat tree and would sit in her bed all day after being a very vocal and attention hungry cat for the last fifteen years. Now she’s back to demanding our attention, following us around the house, actively playing with toys again, and even jumping up to long-abandoned perch spots. It’s like we’ve turned years back on the clock and it’s been truly joyous to experience; a balm for the depression we’ve been going through over her diagnosis.

My wife and I can’t recommend Dr. Hoyt enough if you’re considering acupuncture for your pets for any reason. Her rates are competitive, she actively tries to lower the frequency of visits she makes once your pet is stable, she keeps up with modern veterinary techniques instead of leaning on outdated methods, and, at least in our home, her results speak for themselves.”

  • Ryan H. of Portland, OR

“Dr. Hoyt was recommended to me by my veterinarian after my dog, Juniper, experienced a knee injury which also revealed that she had severe hip dysplasia. I was heartbroken at the prospect of my happy adventurer not being able to comfortably or safely go on hikes anymore – something that brings Juniper joy like nothing else. Even just after our first session with Dr. Hoyt, Juniper, was quickly back to her happy carefree self after being cautious and seemingly depressed following her injury. Since then, Dr. Hoyt has thoughtfully worked with us to ensure continued improvement, sustained mobility, and even worked through tangential tightness and discomfort that hadn’t been at the forefront after her initial injury. We had our first session before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and both then and now, I’ve always felt confident in having Dr. Hoyt come into my home as well as taking care of my pup. She’s incredibly patient with my busy and ever changing schedule, so sweet with my sometimes over the top dog, has always taken serious and respected when I cancelled due to health concerns, washes her hands or uses antibacterial gel when she arrives and as she leaves, and as noted above – she’s vastly improved the quality of life of Juniper. I can’t say enough how thankful I am to have been introduced to her and have already recommended her to several of my friends.”

  • Julia M. of Portland, OR

“Dr.Hoyt has been to our house 5 times to do Accupuncture on our 10.5 year old lab who had a pitched nerve in his back and neck. She has been extremely helpful in healing SLUGGER. She is very good about COVID precautions (mask wearing, hand sanitizing and making sure our windows were open)
She is professional, knowledgeable and very helpful directing us on what SLUGGER needs to heal. SLUGGER loves her❤️🐾. I will and have been recommending her to other dog owners that need her help with acupuncture.”

  • Mary D. Of Tualatin, OR

“We’ve had 3 visits from Dr. Hoyt. We saw immediate improvement in our recently tripawd golden retriever after the second visit. We unfortunately missed our initially planned 3rd appointment due to family stuff, and after three weeks without an appointment our boy’s mobility issues came back. She is an extremely pleasant person, and we will be utilizing her services for as long as our boy needs. She’s respectful to health guidelines, she wears her mask when coming into our home and was willing to double up on the hand sanitizer for health safety.”

  • Glenn G, of Portland

“Dr. Hoyt has been seeing our German Shepherd mix for over a year now. Even though our dog is almost 14 years old, she swims for 45 minutes every other week, goes for walks that last from 1-2 hours daily, and is still quite active throughout the day. She also has numerous health issues including several auto-immune diseases, megaesophagus, collapsing trachea caused by the megaesophagus, spondylosis, hip dysplasia, arthritis in multiple joints, CCL tear, and probable Intervertebral Disk Disease. Even though our dog is seen monthly by a rehabilitation vet, we wanted to see if separate acupuncture treatments could help with these health issues in between the monthly vet visits. Her rehabilitation vet was happy with our choice of Dr. Hoyt. Since starting the acupuncture only treatments with Dr. Hoyt, we have noticed our dog’s mobility has improved, her activity level has increased, the issues we were seeing with the collapsing trachea have improved, and her rehabilitation vet doesn’t have to do as much work on her at her monthly visits. Our dog enjoys her sessions with Dr. Hoyt and falls asleep after the last needle is inserted. And we’ve been able to keep her off pain meds and NSAIDs.”

  • Diana B. Of Beaverton

“My 11 year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Nakoma, was experiencing a huge lack of control of her hind legs due to a spinal condition closing off the nerves. My vet recommended acupuncture, which I agreed with, to reestablish paths for the nerves. My sister recommended Dr. Hoyt and her visits have been a huge help. Nakoma went from barely able to walk 100 feet in September to mile long walks and short runs by December. She loves visits from Dr. Hoyt and I’m glad to have such a huge improvement.”

  • Tim L. of Gresham

Darcy helped our older cat with acupuncture for many months. She was flexible on dates and came to the house to alleviate stress on our kitty. We would highly recommend her and she does a wonderful job!

  • Scott C. of Portland

“Dr Hoyt started acupuncture on our cat, Zeta, over 2 months ago. Zeta has sarcoma presenting as a large tumor on her shoulder. We continue taking Zeta to her vet for bloodwork and professional advice. Zeta had begun limping from strain of tumor size. After examining Zeta, Dr Hoyt found several areas of tight muscles. Dr Hoyt was very attentive to Zeta and listened to our concerns about quality of life. Zeta responded very well to acupuncture and was then able to walk up and down staircases w alacrity. Our reason for cherishing Dr Hoyts treatments on Zeta is knowing her discomfort and pain are reduced. Dr Hoyt has been able to provide the extra care we had hoped for in between vet visits. We will continue w Dr Hoyts acupuncture treatments until it is time to let Zeta go.”

  • Valerie C. Of Portland

“Dr Hoyt was a vital piece of our senior dog’s care in the last year of her life. We saw measurable improvement in her health and happiness as soon as we started our appointments, and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone.”

  • Riley K. of Portland

“dr hoyt has taken care of 3 of our dogs with wonderful results. one of them had a neurological issue and the acupuncture has improved his quality of life in a big way. the other two were senior dogs with hind leg weakness, and they always did so much better after their treatment.
she is a wonderful person. highly recommended”

  • Marian L. of Portland

“Dr Hoyt provides excellent care for my aging kitty. What more can you ask for someone coming to your house and taking the time to listen and then providing the best care possible. She has an online pharmacy she works with that makes medication super easy. We couldn’t be happier.”

  • Geoff N. of Portland

“Dr. Hoyt is a pleasure to work with! It was easy to contact her initially and set up appointments for my older dog. He is doing so much better with her “in home care” than he did getting acupuncture treatments in a vet clinic.”

  • Jeanie B. of Lake Oswego

“Darcy saved my dog’s life! She has always been efficient, easy-going and flexible with scheduling. I have recommended her to dozens of folks that want to give their pets the best care. Thank you, Darcy!!”

  • Robyn M. Of Portland

“Dr. Hoyt provided acupuncture for my dog Lucy during the past several months of her life. Lucy’s 16-year-old legs were deteriorating, and the acupuncture helped her mobility. Dr. Hoyt was responsive, professional, incredibly caring to Lucy and to me as I was trying to decide the most compassionate way to help my dog. She even provided Lucy’s Adequan injections as part of the acupuncture appointment as I was having to do this as an extra appointment before, and Lucy was not able to load up in the car easily. Thank you Dr. Hoyt for all you did for Lucy!”

  • Mary G. of Portland

“We recently moved here and needed to find a new veterinary acupuncturist for our older and hurting lab. I found Dr. Hoyt right away and she conveniently comes to you – no getting a heavy old dog into the car to go to the vet! The animals are in their safe place at home for their acupuncture, so it is much more comfortable for them. She is excellent with my lab and he trusts her completely. Her work on him is helping my old guy move better and be in far less pain. She is taking all COVID restrictions seriously, including always wearing a mask and doing the procedures outside – even now in my cold cold carport! I am very thankful we found Dr. Hoyt and would recommend her to everyone.”

  • Hilary G. of Portland

“We are so thankful for Dr. Hoyt and highly recommend her! She has been visiting my girl, Sweetie, for 3-4 years every other week and we hope she will for many more! It has made a huge difference in Sweetie’s arthritis and energy most notably, but also in keeping Sweetie’s UTIs at bay. Dr. Hoyt’s at-home care makes a huge difference in terms of eliminating the fear my nervous girl would otherwise have in a clinic setting and also in terms of convenience for me. I love that Dr. Hoyt comes from a Western medicine background, but has integrated Eastern medicine – a rare combination in vets, but one that is so valuable. Dr. Hoyt is also a super kind human being and incredibly understanding of her clients and their needs. She will be a benefit to your companion animal and your peace of mind alike!”

-Maral C. from Portland

“Dr. Darcy Hoyt has treated my 17 year old kitty for five years. Typically after acupuncture, my cat will run around like she is a kitten. Not only does she provide acupuncture, I always feel very comfortable asking her about my cats general health. Darcy is not only professional and extremely knowledgeable, but she is a lovely and caring person.”

  • Susan T. from Portland

“My 10 year old boxer/spaniel has been receiving acupuncture weekly since April 2020. Darcy is friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and has a high level of expertise in eastern/western ideology.
I would recommend her services to anyone looking for convenient at-home treatment for pets.”

  • Valerie G. of Portland

“Dr. Hoyt has been a wonderful provider for my senior dog. My dog always seems to feel better after her treatments. Dr. Hoyt has been compassionate and understanding as I navigate the challenges of end-of-life care. She also always has time and attention for my other pets! I’m v glad that I’ve been able to include Dr. Hoyt’s treatments to complement the other therapies I’ve been using to provide my sweet girl w a good quality of life.”

  • Jeanne S. of Portland

“Dr. Hoyt has been treating our cat for about a year. He had been seen by 2 other animal acupuncturists (who were both great) and he simply responded best to her demeanor and treatments. She has been flexible with our treatment space and is willing to see the cat in our garage to accommodate for distancing. We would easily recommend her to anyone with a pet in need of acupuncture!”

  • Shelby R. of Portland

“Dr Hoyt is wonderful! My senior dog has been seeing her for a few months now, I love that she makes home visits because he is much more relaxed at home than at the vets office. I have tried many different treatments and my dog has been able to improve his mobility and remain active with monthly Accupuncture. Darcy is very friendly and easy to talk to and my dogs love her!”

  • Meghan G. of Portland