About Dr. Hoyt

Darcy Hoyt, DVM, CVA, CVMMP

314884_10150297571676219_638646218_7917587_839169780_nDr. Darcy Hoyt spent her early years in the Boston suburb of Natick, Massachusetts and moved to Woodstock, Vermont at age 13. After graduating from high school, she returned to Massachusetts to receive her Bachelors of Arts in Biological Sciences from Wellesley College in 1999, and later, her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University in 2004. She received her training in veterinary acupuncture and Chinese and Western herbal medicine during her final year of veterinary school at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She received her certification in veterinary acupuncture (CVA) from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) in 2005. After moving to Portland, in 2004, Dr Hoyt practiced integrative medicine at Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic. After her first of 2 children were born, she changed her focus to housecall acupuncture practice. In 2021, she became certified in Veterinary Medical Manipulation (a.k.a. Chiropractic) through the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute hosted at the Chi Institute in Reddick, FL. This program is the only training to be offered exclusively to veterinarians. In her free time she enjoys swimming, cooking, dancing, traveling, crocheting, painting, drawing, listening to podcasts, and playing with her cats, dog, kids and husband (in no particular order).

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